5 CBD Pre Roll FAQs

5 CBD Pre Roll FAQs

Why do people smoke CBD pre rolls? 

CBD pre rolls are the most convenient way to consume CBD flower. If you don’t want to take the time to grind and go through the process of rolling, pre rolls are ready for you as soon as you open your package. When inhaled, CBD is around five times more bioavailable than when ingested, meaning smoking CBD is the quickest way to feel it’s effects. Many people also use hemp joints to help them quit cigarettes, and cut back on THC use.

How much do CBD joints cost? 

Our CBD pre roll packs of 5 cost $25 each, or $5 per 0.7g joint. To put this in perspective, oils and edibles that contain around the same amount of CBD as one of our packs range anywhere between $40-$120. 

How do you know how much CBD is in each joint? 

To calculate the cannabinoids for any CBD joint, first take the percentage of the cannabinoid (for instance 15% CBD) and multiply it by the weight in each pre roll. For example, each joint in our pre roll packs contains 0.7 grams of hemp. Our grape soda pre rolls have a potency of 15% CBD. Thus, 0.15 x 0.7 g = .105 g CBD. Usually, cannabinoid content is measured in milligrams so the last step is to multiply by 1000. Therefore, each joint in our grape soda pack contains .105 g x 1000 = 105 mg CBD.  

If you’re having trouble finding cannabinoid content for a strain you’re buying online, look for the company's lab tests. They will have percentages for each cannabinoid posted there. If the company does not have lab tests available, you should not buy from them. 

What makes Paz Packs CBD pre rolls better? 

With the most reviewed CBD pre roll product on the market, our customers have done much of the talking for us, but we think there are some key things we do differently that got us to this point. 


Most companies buy in bulk from multiple suppliers and store their hemp in warehouses for long periods of time before it reaches their end users. Unfortunately, this often leads to a  dried out end product and in certain cases, can be unsafe. We grow, process, roll, and package our joints all under the same greenhouse roof in small batches, making our pre rolls as fresh as farm to table. 


Our flower is grown in natural coconut husk substrate instead of soil to avoid potential heavy metals. We never spray our flowers with pesticides or synthetic chemicals of any kind, instead opting for natural oils. Then, we lab test for heavy metals and pesticides and post the results on our site, unlike many other companies that just test for potency. 

Terpene Richness

Growing in a small, tightly controlled greenhouse preserves terpenes more efficiently than indoor operations and uses 5 times less energy, making our pre rolls both terpene rich and sustainable. 


The hemp industry is filled with huge outdoor farms and sketchy operations that have little to no thorough oversight. This can lead to products slipping into the marketplace that have mold, heavy metals, and harmful chemicals in them. Can you imagine smoking moldy hemp? All our operations are in a single greenhouse where moisture levels are sensor monitored 24/7, nutrient levels are checked daily to ensure each plant is fed the proper amount, and as stated before, our hemp is grown in substrate pots to prevent heavy metals from contaminating the flower. 


Our compliant packaging is child resistant, contains matches, a strike paid, and five beautifully rolled joints. A lot of companies don’t take their branding and packaging seriously, which we feel can perpetuate the stereotype that the hemp industry is sketchy and unprofessional. We did everything we could to make our pre-roll packs a durable, convenient work of art. 

Are CBD joints legal? 

Yes, our pre rolls are lab tested to ensure they contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC. Under the federal farm bill of 2018, hemp testing under this threshold is legal to grow, buy, and sell. 


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