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best temperature to vape cbd e juice

The Best Temperature Settings for CBD Vapes

If you are new to vaping CBD, it is important to know the best temperature to vape CBD e juice, or distillate. In fact, this is one of the first things you might consider before you operate your vape device. It is important in order to get the most out of your experience as it can impact the taste, intensity, and overall effect. 

Make sure you use this guide to help you pick the ideal temperature and make the most of your vaping experience.

Understanding the Chemical Structure of CBD

Before you delve into the guide for knowing the best temperature to vape CBD e juice, first, it is important to know the chemistry involved. 

THC is one of the cannabinoids present in cannabis plants. Too often, people assume that they are the same when in fact they are not. There are over 70 cannabinoids found in hemp and THC is just one of them. 

This is an important fact to know because each of the cannabinoids varies in their chemical structure and its corresponding effects. And it is not just cannabinoids since the cannabis plant also contains many other chemical compounds such as terpenoids and flavonoids. 

If that is not complex enough, these compounds can work together and create varying effects if they are all present. This should be taken into account when determining the ideal vaping temperature to produce the right synergy.

Therefore, it is a mistake to reduce cannabis plants into a single chemical compound – THC. It is a complex plant with a complex chemical makeup. 

importance of temperature in vaping cbd e juice

Why Temperature is Important for CBD carts and E-Liquid 

The chemical compounds found in a cannabis plant vary in terms of their boiling points. Some of the compounds boil at a specific temperature while others require a higher boiling temperature. There are also compounds that vary in chemical structure once they reach boiling point. The type of strain can also impact the vaping temperature.

It is a complex puzzle to figure out, but one that is important if you want to achieve your desired effect. This is why vaping CBD is advantageous because it gives you the ability to adjust the temperature setting. In a traditional method of burning cannabis, such as in a bowl or bong, it can reach a temperature that is above the ideal boiling temperature which can cause it to lose its flavor and the benefits specific to that strain.

When you adjust the vaping temperature of CBD, you can preserve the flavor and benefits of the substance. Moreover, adjusting the temperature will enable you to control the presence or absence of certain chemical compounds. 

The general idea is that setting the vape at a higher temperature you will get a more potent hit, but might risk disturbing the flavor, or getting nasty throat hits. On the other hand, setting temperature low will provide a more subtle draw and potentially preserve some of the cannabinoids and terpenes that higher temperatures can burn away.  

Best Temperature to Vape CBD E Juice / Distillate

There are three general temperature ranges that you can follow when vaping CBD. Use this guide in order to determine the ideal temperature to set the vaping device at so you can also achieve its corresponding effect.

Low Vaping Temperature (160-180 degrees Celsius)

If you are new to vaping CBD, you can start with a low temperature at no more than 180 degrees Celsius. The speed of extraction of the properties of CBD is not as high as when you burn it at a higher temperature. Not only will your vapor pack less punch, there will be fewer side effects, too. 

It is also the ideal temperature range for flavor preservation. It won’t leave any harsh taste in your mouth. This temperature range will also leave you with a mildly calming and invigorating effect, so you can still get a lot of things done. 

Medium Vaping Temperature (180-200 degrees Celsius)

If you have been vaping CBD for a while, but you’re not sure about the best temperature yet, you can stick with this range. This temperature will help to activate the terpenes profile of the CBD, but the vapor will remain warm and smooth. This is very similar to a traditional smoking experience and the most common temperature setting you see people vape CBD with. 

High Vaping Temperature (200-230 degrees Celsius)

Vaping the CBD at the maximum temperature range of up to 230 degrees Celsius means that there will be more effects from the cannabinoids and terpenoids in your body. It is ideal if you are looking to get the largest, strongest hit in one period of time as possible. Be careful when vaping at this temperature range because the taste can get harsh. Some of the flavor will almost always deteriorate at this temp.   

tips to finding best temperature to vape cbd e juice

Tips for Finding the Best Temperature to Vape CBD E Juice

Determining the best temperature to vape CBD e juice will require some experimentation. There is trial and error involved in the process, but eventually you can choose the right temperature to get the best experience. You need to choose the right device that will give you flexibility in terms of the temperature settings. This will give you more control over the temperature for vaping CBD e juice.

  • Choose a vape device that has variable temperature settings so you have more control over its use.
  • Start by choosing the lowest temperature settings. Gradually increase the temperature if desired. 
  • Choose low temperature settings for daytime sessions and a higher temperature setting for nighttime sessions. 
  • Lower temperature settings are ideal for achieving your desired flavor while higher temperature settings increase the psychoactive effects. 
  • Make sure your vape cartridge is fully charged, or it might not heat properly.
  • Inhale and evaluate. Once you take the first taste from your vape device, evaluate the taste and adjust the heat settings accordingly. If there is a harsh draw or bitter taste, it means that you are probably vaping at a very high temperature. 

With these tips, you can be on your way to not only maximizing the flavor of your CBD vape, but also extracting its strain-specific benefits. 


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