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What is CBD vape oil? | CBD Cartridge vs Vape Juice

What is CBD vape oil? | CBD Cartridge vs Vape Juice

Vaping is less smelly than CBD flower, faster acting than edibles, and convenient. It's the only way that you can possibly get away with inhaling cannabis in the family bathroom at Thanksgiving—not that we're recommending it. There's a lot of good reasons to choose CBD vapes, but first you should know the basics so you can make the best decision for your own experience. 


What is CBD vape oil? 

CBD vape oil is a catch-all term for CBD that can be vaped in an electric device, such as an e-cig or a cartridge battery. There are two primary types of CBD vape oil: vape juice and distillate blends.

What is CBD vape juice? 

CBD vape juice, or e-juice, is made by mixing CBD isolate with a number of chemicals such as Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, and flavoring. The primary purpose of these chemicals is to thin the CBD isolate so it becomes vape-able. Usually, you’ll find the juice in bottle form with varying flavors and milligram (mg) content. Generally, people like it because it’s compatible with nicotine vape devices—like box mods—and is very cheap. 


What is a CBD distillate blend? 

CBD distillate is what’s most popularly used in CBD cartridges. It is a potent, thick, golden-amber oily substance that has been highly refined through a process of distillation. It usually contains around 75% CBD, along with other cannabis compounds that can add to the experience. Before being vaped, the distillate is blended with plant-derived terpenes and other minor cannabinoids to get it to the proper consistency for vaping, as well as to add natural flavor and effects. Almost all CBD carts can be vaped with the help of a 510 vape battery, also known as a cartridge battery

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CBD vape juice vs CBD cartridge: Which is better? 

Juice is best for people who want to mix their CBD with nicotine, save money, use a variety of vape devices, or just like blowing fat clouds. Other than that, we think cartridges pretty much beat out vape juice in every other category. 

Chemical Use in e-juice 

While most CBD cartridges, like ours, contain all natural cannabis-derived compounds, juices on the other hand always contain a whole swath of chemicals. Most of them are considered harmless, but we still think staying as true to the plant as possible is always the best option, especially when it comes to inhaling cannabis. 

Potency of cartridges 

Since vape juices are made with CBD isolate and heavily diluted with flavoring and chemicals, they are rarely as potent as CBD carts. Not to mention, CBD distillate blends contain terpenes and other cannabinoids like CBG that have loads of potential for enriching your experience. For instance, our Blue Dream CBD carts contain high amounts of the terpene Limonene which has shown promise to elevate moods and reduce stress, plus it tastes like lemon! 


Convenience of cartridges

CBD carts are much easier to use than vape juice. For instance, if you’re using our vape 510 cartridge battery, all you have to do is screw in your cartridge and inhale. On the other hand, properly using vape juice requires using specific temperature settings and voltages, filling your device correctly, and maintaining it over time. 

Lab Testing for Carts vs Vape Juice 

Companies carrying CBD vape juice tend to make it really difficult to access their lab tests. Generally, if they do have lab tests, it’s only for the CBD isolate part of the juice and not the rest of the additives that have gone into making it vape-able and flavorful. This means you essentially have no way of telling what you’re actually consuming. Our cartridges, in contrast, have a scannable QR code with third-party lab test results so you know exactly what you’re getting everytime. 

How to use CBD vape oil 

As mentioned before, if you’re using a CBD cartridge, it’s really straightforward. All you have to do is find a 510 compatible vape battery, screw in your cart, and follow the directions of your device. If you have a variable voltage battery, then you should start at the lowest voltage and increase it if you’re not getting a big enough hit. 

Screwing In Cartridge to Vape Battery

If you’re using CBD vape juice, then you can use any number of refillable nicotine vape devices. Once you’ve picked the one that’s right for you, make sure you read the instructions and charge it before you start vaping.

Generally, you have to fill your device, allow 5-10 minutes for the coils to saturate, ensure your voltage and temperature settings aren’t too high, then initiate a hit, usually by pressing a button. 


VG vs PG Vape Juice: What’s the Difference?

Can CBD vape oil make you fail a drug test? 

Since e-juice is generally made with pure CBD isolate and no THC, it shouldn’t make you fail a drug test. This said, we don’t sell e-juice, so we recommend you check with your potential vendor to make sure they aren’t adding anything else that could trigger a negative result. Full-spectrum CBD distillate cartridges like ours contain small amounts of THC, below 0.3%, which can potentially trigger a failed drug test. 

Where’s the best place to buy CBD vapes? 

Because CBD carts and e-juice are unregulated products, we think it's best to order them on the internet so you can take the time to research brands and products.

There are a lot of sketchy actors in the industry, and you want to make sure you’re buying from a highly reviewed, reputable brand with third-party lab tests. 


Why buy from Paz Packs? 

Well, I mean ... you're already here! Plus, we've developed a reputation for having the highest quality, cleanest full-spectrum CBD carts on the internet.

Our vapes not only contain CBD, but also CBG, CBT, and a terpene-rich infusion that enriches the experience. And our source isn't "just trust me bro," you can check out thousands of verified reviews here.

Thank you for reading and we hope to see you again!


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