Help! What is Hemp and How Can I Smoke It?

Help! What is Hemp and How Can I Smoke It?

The cannabis industry might seem a little overwhelming these days with so many new options flooding the market. It can be difficult to decide what’s the right product for you but do not worry, because we are here to help! In order to better understand the products that are available to consumers and determine the best choice, it is essential to understand the difference in terminology. In this post we’re going to break down the difference between hemp and marijuana while informing readers how to light and enjoy one of Paz Pack’s products for yourself. 


First of all, marijuana and hemp are two forms of the cannabis sativa plant. There is often confusion, especially by governments, in distinguishing the two. Hemp contains lower concentrations of the psychoactive effect THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), and it tends to have higher amounts of CBD (cannabidiol). Meanwhile marijuana (psychoactive cannabis) is used for medicinal and recreational purposes. Despite more states legalizing recreational marijuana in America, it remains federally illegal.


Compared to marijuana, hemp is versatile because it can be used in various ways including in the production of skin products, clothing, and health supplements. Hemp is used widely across the globe for commercial and industrial products and it is only gaining popularity, especially among other natural materials. It has been classified green for its positive environmental effects and sustainability. Hemp can also be legally purchased online and in many public, common place stores.


Hemp functions differently than marijuana because of its components. Users tend to experience a relaxing sensation when smoking hemp rather than the “high” feeling that people feel with marijuana due to compound THC. The most common form of smoking hemp is through pre-rolled cigarettes and buds, which can look like marijuana in physical appearance.


What Is A Pre-Roll and How Do I Smoke It?

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding pre-rolls so let us break things down. Joints are the most well-known method of using cannabis. This is when cannabis is rolled into a cigarette form and smoked. The term “pre-roll” was coined by legal dispensaries, as they roll up the cannabis before consumers buy it.

Smoking a pre-roll is pretty straight forward, light one end and inhale from the opposite. If you find that your pre-roll is burning too fast you can wet the paper (most people use their saliva) and it will slow the burn. Effects are normally felt within minutes of inhalation. Pre-rolls can also be extinguished and saved for later too! They basically remove the hassle of having to grind and then roll your own joint which is a skill in and of itself and on the go can sometimes be tricky.


At Paz Packs we sell the highest quality of CBD pre-rolls, flowers, and vapes. All of our products endure lab assurance testing and a certificate of analysis. Whether you are seeking a deep sense of relief, a full body recharge or to simply reset and relax, we guarantee that our wide-ranging selection of products will meet your every need.

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