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Read this before buying Delta-8 flower!

Read this before buying Delta-8 flower!

Delta-8 flower exploded onto the scene in 2020, gaining popularity fast for its similarity in appearance and effect to weed. However, despite all the D8 hype, most brands are leaving out valuable information every consumer should know. In this article, we’ll talk about how delta-8 flower is made and why it’s best to avoid it. 

How is delta-8 flower made? 

It's impossible to grow delta-8 flower. 

Due to the extremely low concentrations of delta-8 found in cannabis, it must be carefully extracted from very large quantities of hemp flower. This process creates delta-8 distillate.

D8 flower is made by spraying hemp flower with diluted delta-8 distillate and coating it with kief. This makes the bud look like frosty, top shelf weed when in reality it is usually low quality hemp sprayed with chemicals.

Delta-8 distillate has a relatively high viscosity, meaning it is thick, so for it to be sprayable it has to first be diluted. For this, a thinning agent is used which can be harmful chemicals like vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, MCT oil, etc. 

After the delta-8 distillate is thinned, it is sprayed onto the hemp flower using a “distillate spray gun” while in a tumbler and coated with what many companies claim is “delta-8 infused kief.” This kief is likely actually just marijuana kief, or CBD flower kief, as there is no documented evidence of such a thing existing.

Why you should avoid smoking delta-8 flower 

Nobody tests their D8 Flower for residual solvents.

    A residual solvent is a chemical used in the manufacturing process that is not removed by purification before the product is tested.

    For delta-8 flower, there are currently no brands that have legitimate residual solvent tests for their bud. Some have residual solvent tests for their pre-production distillate, but after it has been thinned and sprayed, no further testing has yet been done. 

    Many companies claim that they use safer, natural compounds like terpenes as thinning agents to dilute their distillate, but without proof in the form of lab tests this seems unlikely. 

    A much safer alternative exists. 

    Delta-8 vape cartridges have all the benefits of delta-8 flower with virtually none of the risk, although you do want to make sure you avoid fake carts. 

    The reason cartridges are safer is because vaping does not require combustion. Instead, vapor is produced by the heating of a coil which then heats a distillate. This method allows the distillate to remain thicker and thus require little to no solvents to thin out before being ready to consume. In the end, you get a much safer, purer product and there’s actually lab tests to back it up! Most reputable delta-8 vape cartridge companies have full panel lab tests that show results for residual solvents, potency, pesticides, and heavy metals. See ours here

    If you really want to smoke herb, wait until you can get some good weed, or try pairing a D8 cart with some CBD flower. We think it’s not worth risking it with a cocktail of chemicals when there’s much better alternatives available.


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