how does it feel to smoke cbd flower

How Does it Feel to Smoke CBD Flower?

In recent years, there have been a growing number of studies that support the benefits of smoking CBD flower. For this reason, there is also a growing number of people who consume CBD by smoking it in order to extract its beneficial properties. If you are curious to give it a try for various therapeutic reasons, you have come to the right place. 

This guide will provide the essential information you need to know about smoking CBD flower.

How Does it Feel to Smoke CBD Flower?

This is one of the most common questions asked about smoking CBD flower. The answer to this question will vary significantly based on a number of factors such as how long you have been taking CBD and the amount you take.

First and foremost, it is important to understand what a CBD flower is and how it can affect your body. CBD flowers are derived from the hemp plant and are known to be rich in medicinal properties that can help with various conditions such as anxiety, inflammation, and insomnia.

The best CBD flowers are based on the color and appearance. The superior products range from green to purple. The more robust the color is, the superior it is in quality. In terms of their effects, these can also be impacted by the amount you consume and the mode of administration.

So, does smoking CBD make you high? It is a common follow-up question that you can get when talking about how it feels to smoke CBD flower. 

The short answer is no. Smoking CBD won’t make you feel high. The substance THC is what creates that feeling of “high” most people associate with CBD flower. However, CBD flower without THC will not create this effect. Taking this won’t affect your judgment, thinking, or motor ability. 

The feeling of euphoria – often associated with being high – is also an effect of the presence of THC in CBD flower. THC is a psychoactive compound that can cause an intoxicating effect when consumed. 

For a few others that have smoked it, they report feelings of being calm and relaxed. Taking certain strains can also give the effect of being energized and motivated. For a few others, it can make you feel sleepy. Later on, you will learn about the effects of different strains and how you can make the right choice based on your desired effect. 

effects of smoking cbd flower

What Does CBD Flower Taste Like?

If you are curious to smoke CBD flower, you might be wondering about how it tastes too. Just as the effect of CBD flower will depend on the strain and the amount you smoke, it will also differ when it comes to taste and other properties.

The taste and smell of the CBD flower will be based on the terpenes and essential oil that is derived from the hemp plant. As mentioned above, each strain will have a unique terpenes profile so it differs in terms of the dominant taste and smell. 

The taste of CBD flower is attributed to the terpenes profile and not to the cannabinoids found in it. Hemp plants that are carefully cultivated will create a more flavorful profile. Therefore, it creates a more desirable effect when consumed.

Describing the taste of a CBD flower is more complex since there are more than 200 terpenes out there. For example, some strains of CBD flower can have a piney taste while others have a citrusy flavor. 

Why Should You Consider Smoking CBD Flower? 

CBD flower is known for its many therapeutic benefits. In fact, it is used for medicinal applications in various parts of the world where CBD is legal. 

Smoking CBD flower is the preferred method for consumption for many because it is fast-absorbing, allowing the user to enjoy its effects at a faster rate. Unlike consuming edibles, smoking CBD allows its vital properties to be absorbed quickly into your bloodstream. 

CBD flower is known to contain beneficial properties that combat various conditions such as inflammation, insomnia, anxiety, and nausea. 

How Do You Choose the CBD Flower Strain?

Choosing the right strain is crucial as it will have an impact on the effects that you can get. It can be overwhelming if you are new to smoking CBD flower because there are plenty of options out there. 

The CBD-dominant strains available vary in terms of the concentration of THC in them. If you don’t want to get that extreme level of high, the THC concentration should not be more than 0.3% (based on the total amount of dry weight of the product). Choose strains with higher concentrations of CBD and negligible levels of THC. This can give you positive effects on your body and mind without altering your judgment. 

It is also important to get familiar with the various strains since some are suited for daytime smoking and others are recommended for nighttime smoking. A Sativa-dominant strain is recommended for daytime use. Meanwhile, an Indica-dominant strain is recommended for nighttime strains. A hybrid strain is the one that can be smoked for either use. 

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How Do You Determine the Dose When Smoking CBD?

Aside from choosing the right strain, you also need to know the right dose of CBD to consume. There is a perfect dose that is suited for every individual. You need to experiment with the dose that is best suited for you, depending on how long you have been taking CBD and the effect you want to achieve.

CBD interacts with the human body’s endocannabinoid system. This system is made up of a complex web of cell receptors and neurotransmitters. This is responsible for a wide range of body functions. 

Since every individual is unique, it is important to start with a small dose (one or two inhalations). You can gradually increase the dose based on the effect of the small dose until you achieve your desired effect. 

There are lots of benefits that you can get when smoking CBD flower. Take time to study how CBD affects your body and the effects of certain strains when consumed by smoking. Thankfully, there are enough studies that show there are no serious risks associated with CBD since it comes with a favorable safety profile. 

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