What is THC "Tolerance"?

What is THC "Tolerance"?

A THC tolerance is a reduction in the sensitivity of the effects of THC developed by frequent use. With a tolerance, using the same amount of THC you used previously will affect you noticeably less than it did at that time. You may remember when just one cup of coffee would perk you right up. Well now your brain may have adjusted to need more caffeine in order to feel the same effects. That's tolerance! 




Tolerance develops differently for everyone. Factors such as your DNA make up, weight, frequency of use, etc, can all play a role in this. Studies suggest that daily THC consumption over a period of 2-4 weeks can noticeably increase your tolerance. In our experience this is a fair estimate.




THC activates CB1 receptors in your brain, which is what makes you feel high. Once the THC is gone (about 36-48 hours after use), this brain activity goes back to normal. However, if you continue to use THC without giving your brain time to re-adjust, it begins to fight back over time. It does this by minimizing the increase in CB1 receptor activity, which leads to a reduced sensitivity to THC’s effects. This is known as "down-regulation". Essentially, chronic THC use reduces the total amount and efficiency of your CB1 receptors. 




  1. Be mindful of dosing and your frequency of use

Make sure you’re consuming how much you need instead of over-indulging. Cutting back your THC use just a little can reduce your tolerance.


  1. Take a break! 

Taking a break from THC altogether is the quickest way to help reset your tolerance. We’ve found that even just a day off can have a big effect, but 3-5 days generally does the trick for most people. For heavier users, it can take up to 3-4 weeks to get their tolerance back to a normal level. 


  1. Switch it up with CBD flower

Research shows that CBD can actually up-regulate your CB1 receptors, the opposite of what THC does. If you are a heavy THC user, try replacing your intake with CBD instead. You may notice your tolerance reducing faster than it would without CBD supplementation.  

So you're a pot-head and you can't seem to get your tolerance down? Or just someone that doesn't want to build one up? Either way, we got what you need.



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