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CBDetails: What's in a Flower?

CBDetails: What's in a Flower?

It's just weed, right?

When you hear the word cannabis, what’s the first thing you think of? Weed, pot, cannabis, Mary Jane—ain't nothing cool about what it can do to your brain, right? 

People associate all cannabis with marijuana, the plant that gets you high. Well, marijuana isn’t the only plant in this family. Weed’s got a pretty awesome cousin called CBD flower. Let’s explore some of the differences:

Marijuana vs. Hemp 

To start off, they’re similar but distinct. They are both strains of cannabis, with the term marijuana relating to any strain of flower that is more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC (the main psychoactive molecule in marijuana). Hemp, AKA CBD flower, is bred to have low levels of THC and high levels of CBD. We like to call it the mellow cousin of marijuana. To be considered CBD Flower, cannabis has to test below 0.3% Delta-9 THC.

The effects of CBD flower

CBD (short for cannabidiol) can be found in both marijuana and hemp products. It has many of the same benefits that THC has, just without the added chance of staring at your fridge for 20 minutes and forgetting what you wanted to eat. CBD flower doesn’t make you feel paranoid, anxious, or overwhelmed. Users generally experience a mild, relaxing effect and don’t find their minds cluttered after use. Since it’s inhaled and not ingested, smoking CBD flower tends to take effect much quicker than CBD oils and gummies

So what about the stigma surrounding CBD?

The biggest misconception that people have about CBD is that it’s just like other cannabis and will get you high. Simply put, that ain’t it. For the reasons described above, CBD-based cannabis products will keep you fully functional. Think about it this way: Consider that marijuana and hemp are cousins. Would you expect your cousin to behave exactly like you? Sure, you might be similar in some ways, heck you might even look alike! But chances are you’ve got certain characteristics that make you distinct from each other. It’s the same thing with CBD and THC.

Why try it?

You deserve peace of mind and cannabis should help you attain it, not disturb it. You shouldn’t have to worry about getting too high and locking yourself in your room, or losing your wallet. You shouldn’t have to drive to the dispensary, wait in line, then overpay for weed. And you definitely shouldn’t have to deal with inconsistent and unreliable black market dealers. You deserve to experience the relaxation cannabis offers without the high, or inconvenience, and with just a few clicks

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