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Everything You Need to Know About Pre-Rolls

Everything You Need to Know About Pre-Rolls


You may have heard people refer to a “pre-roll” before, but what does it mean? In the context of cannabis, a pre-roll is a way to smoke without all the preparation. It’s just a joint, blunt, doink, pack, or whatever else you want to call it, except that it comes already made for you. 

You will likely find a decent selection of pre-rolls in any legal marijuana dispensaries. There are even some endorsed by celebrities like Justin Bieber and Snoop Dogg.

You can also find pre-rolls that don’t contain an illegal amount of the illicit Delta-9 THC. These pre-rolls can contain CBDv, CBDa, CBD, CBG, Delta-10, HHC, THC-O, and Delta-8 (although we don’t recommend Delta-8 or -10). On our site, you can find pre-rolled joints of CBD and CBG, in addition to a CBD King Palm pre-roll blunt, which is one of our favorites.

Guide to Cannabinoids


The short answer is unfulfilling: it depends. 

Pre-rolls are worth it if you value a well-made, easy-to-use joint or blunt over what you could roll yourselves. If you value your time and don’t mind spending an extra buck on a pack of pre-rolls, then they can make your smoking experience much faster and more seamless. All you have to do is take one out, light it up, and be on your way. 

If you still want to smoke joints or blunts, but don’t want to buy a pack of pre-rolls, be ready to spend a little extra time to make a doinker that may not be as perfectly sculpted as the pre-roll you could buy.

Of course, if you prefer to roll your own joints or blunts, then we suggest you do that! There is sometimes nothing better than enjoying something you had a hand in making.


Pre-rolls work because they are pre-made smoking instruments (usually joints or blunts) that are ready to consume upon purchase. They make the smoking experience quicker, easier, and much more seamless. 

They are by no means necessary; they are just there to make your life easier, if you so prefer.


A singular pre-roll could last you anywhere from two minutes to two days, depending on your tolerance, the potency (and amount)  of whatever the pre-roll contains, and a bunch of other factors. If you’re a frequent smoker lighting up a one-gram pre-roll that is made from a 1:1 strain (let’s say 15% THC and 15% CBD), then you’ll likely be able to finish it by yourself in one go. However, if you’re a newbie smoker with a 3.5-gram pre-roll filled to the brim with the most gaseous gas possible, chances are you’ll need to put it out and save the rest for another time (or two, or three, or however long it takes—be sure not to do way too much).

That’s another great thing about pre-rolls: you can use them on your own terms. If you light up and then remember something you need to do immediately, you can usually put out the embers on the end of the pre-roll, put it back into its packaging, and save it for later. If you want to smoke a whole pack and get crazy, you can. You can also dose yourself incrementally as needed, which is much harder to do when consuming cannabis with a bong, pipe, or in edible form.

Because one pre-roll can last you anywhere from a 1/4th of a smoke sesh to a day or two, a box of five should last about … five times as long as one will. Our pre-roll packs sometimes last about a day, and other times last a month. How long a pre-roll lasts depends on you and how long you want it to last. You could easily kill five pre-rolls in a night (although you may be a bit sluggish after), or you could “microdose” a pack and stretch each one out over a whole day at different times.

That’s why they’re great: they’re made for you to use as you please, with none of the hassle.


Yes and no: if stored properly, cannabis products should not “expire” in the traditional sense. However, with increased exposure to the air and other natural elements, cannabis can certainly degrade—terpenes lose some of their smell, flavor, and high-inducing powers as the flower becomes stale. Even if bud has been left in the open air, it should still work enough to get you about where you wanted to be.

But the more stale, and less fresh, the flower is, the less likely it is to do what it was made to do: its cannabinoids, terpenes, and other chemical compounds degrade, which disintegrates the effects for which the flower’s strain was specifically bred. An older, staler weed is less effective than a fresh one.

Luckily for our customers, we have some of the freshest flower on the market. Our flower isn’t shipped all around the country to different middle men (yes, that happens); it’s not stored or frozen; and it never even leaves the Oxnard-Santa Barbara region, that is until it gets shipped to you. Our flower is grown in a greenhouse on a small, local farm, and it is handled personally by the Paz Packs team throughout the entire process, from planting and harvesting to rolling and shipping.


A pre-roll with kief is commonly called a kief-infused pre-roll. Sometimes these are also colloquially referred to as moonrock joints/blunts. Moonrock joints/blunts are much more potent than their uninfused counterparts. This is because kief is a more concentrated form of cannabis that has a much higher THC-percentage. It’s a bit like the Marijuana Midas, with everything it touches being turned to the loudest loud you can find.


Moonrock Joint Coated in Kief


Moonrock joints are common products in dispensaries, usually being sold to seasoned stoners and/or people looking to get as lit as possible. If you are neither of these, we suggest staying away from kief-infused cannabis products.


Most people smoke pre-rolls because of how easy and convenient they are. Pre-rolls are joints without the hassle of rolling. They’re a way to consume your bud without lugging around a pipe or a bong. They also usually come in boxes, tubes, or another type of packaging, making them easy to conceal and transport.

Our boxes are expertly designed to be child-proof, easy to open, and contain the smell as best as possible. They also come with matches and a strike pad, just in case you lose your lighter (again). Most states have laws in place that require packaging of cannabis products to be child-proof, but—as with a lot of regulations in this industry—these rules are often disregarded by cannabis companies. Not us! We take this seriously: we do our best to abide by the laws in each and every state, and to provide our customers with a superior product with every new release we have.


Regardless of what form of cannabis the pre-roll contains, they are all made in a similar fashion.

1) Buy some flower 

First, you have to have flower, or “bud.” By flower or bud, we just mean the actual plant of cannabis, not any derivatives such as oil, tinctures, gummies, or vapes. If you’ve ever bought weed illegally (shame on you, *wink*), then you most likely bought Delta-9 THC Flower, as opposed to the CBD and CBG Flower we offer legally on our site.


2) Break it down 

Once you have the flower, you need to break it down. You can do this with a grinder, scissors, or your hands. Some of the best ways to break down flower without a grinder are also some of the most effective. For instance, you can rub two nugs together, and they will start to break into smaller pieces pretty easily with the help of some finger-picking here and there. You can also put a couple smaller nugs into a pill bottle, drop a coin in with them, and shake vigorously until the big ol’ buds break down into the more consumable flowery powder, commonly called ground flower.

Grinder with Weed


3) Pick your paper 

After you’ve ground your flower, you’ll need to decide what sort of pre-roll you’d like, whether it’s a joint, blunt, or something else entirely. Joints are just paper, and are a favorite among both frequent and infrequent smokers alike. Blunts are made from the leaves of tobacco or other plants (sometimes hemp!) and can sometimes be too harsh or too large for one person to smoke comfortably. Whether you decide on smoking a joint or a blunt, you’ll want to grab the wraps from a reputable seller and a trusted brand. Joints and blunts—just like the people who smoke them—come in all shapes and sizes, so choosing the right one for you is important. A new smoker may prefer a smaller and less-harsh joint, while an experienced smoker might like a big ol’ military-grade doinker the size of King Kong’s dingaling. There’s no objectively right choice—only choices that are best for individuals.

Another, easier way to end with a joint would be to use a cone. Cones are like papers that are already pre-rolled and ready for the flower to be put in. If you’re using a cone, you can skip all the rest of the steps. Just put some ground flower into the cone, pack it a little with a packing tool or pencil, and repeat. After you’ve filled the cone, you “tip” the joint by either twisting the end closed or folding it in some way. We prefer to fold the corners of the cones rather than twisting them, as we think it burns better, in addition to making the joint look better and stay fresher!


Ground Flower in Joint Paper


So you’ve got your flower and your paper, now what? Now, you have to do the rolling. This is the hardest part, and its why a lot of people prefer to buy pre-rolls instead of rolling their own. But don’t fret, there are a lot of ways to make this process easier. The easiest way to roll a joint is with a joint roller, which are offered by lots of companies in both manual and automatic models. With these, all you have to do it put your ground flower into the roller, insert the paper as instructed, and spin a wheel (or press a button), and voila! You have a joint! 

If you’re not using a joint roller, you’ll want to gently hold your paper and spread your ground flower into the crease in its center. Put in as little (or as much) as you’d like, but remember that more flower may make it more difficult to roll a tight, tidy joint. Once your flower is spread, you’re going to pack it down as evenly as you can across the paper. People often use credit cards or business cards for this step, as it makes it easier to get a straight line and apply pressure evenly across the joint-to-be. 

If you would like a filter in your joint, you can make one and put it in at this step. Some joint paper packs come with filters, but you can make your own with a thick paper or a thin cardboard slip. All you need to do is take that slip (rectangular shape, sized about 1-inch by 3-inches), and either fold it a couple times then roll it up, or roll it into a loose cylinder about a half-inch wide. Either way works! Then you just take that cylindrical paper and insert it into one side of the joint, which will be the mouthpiece for the joint when it’s time to smoke.

After the flower is spread and packed lightly, you need to roll it up. Most people grab the joint from both sides with the thumbs and forefingers of both hands and roll back and forth like you’re trying to make the tightest cylinder possible around the flower. If you fail, don’t get frustrated! It takes some practice to get it right, and no one rolls a perfect joint on their first go. Once the joint is rolled relatively tightly, you may need to lick the paper to get it to stick back to itself and complete the joint—most papers have a thin strip on one horizontal end that, when dampened, easily sticks to the other side of the paper. Most joint papers come in packs of 25+, so don’t be afraid to get in some practice before doing it for real! If you’re worried about wasting some of your flower, you can use a less expensive substitute to practice.

Once your joint is rolled and closed, all that’s left to do is relax and enjoy!


Pre-rolls you see in dispensaries (or on sites like ours) are likely rolled with the help of an industrial joint-roller, rather than using one’s fingers or an individual joint roller, like those offered by RAW.

Other than that, most of the steps are the same: first, you grind the flower and prepare your paper. We use cones for our joints, rather than traditional papers. This speeds up the process and provides more regularity across various batches of joints. 

At Paz Packs we use a Futurola rolling machine, which greatly simplifies our job. Once we have our flower, we spread it evenly along the Futurola loading tray. Then, we place a semi-filled cone in each hole in the Futurola joint tray. (The cones have a little bit of flower packed into them individually first, as this greatly increases the quality and durability of the joint.) Next, we put the loading tray atop the joint tray and remove the pane that sits between them. This allows the flower to fall into the joints. Once the machine is activated, it shakes the joints, allowing them to fill up more evenly and more tightly. Then we pack that flower down. Then we repeat these steps as many times as necessary to get all of the joints pretty close to full. Once they’re almost full, we weigh them, pack in a little extra (we try to make your dollar go the extra mile), and tip them by folding the corners into the middle and creasing them in place.

And that’s how our pre-rolls (and most in the industry) are made!


As mentioned above, Paz Packs does not cut corners: we are always attempting to stay up to date with the cannabis industry and its regulations, and we strive to deliver the best possible product to our customers, no matter the time or energy it takes from our end.

And it takes a lot. We are a team with fewer than five people, and we are from all backgrounds of life—from smokers and artists to photographers and surfers. We take pride in the fact that we source all of our flower from a local greenhouse in Oxnard, CA. It’s grown with no trace of pesticides or any other contaminants. It’s strenuously tested by a third-party lab, and meets all the requirements of legal cannabis products.

Paz Packs CBD Pre-Rolls are the best on the market. And if you don’t trust us, trust our customers: our classic CBD pre-rolls have been reviewed over 500 times, with over 90% being 5 stars! We have the most reviewed product on the market, and all of the reviews are 100% natural (just like our hemp)!

We appreciate you taking the time to read our message, and hope you learned at least a little something about pre-rolls, joints, or Paz Packs! Peace …


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