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What does Hemp Flower Smell Like?

What does Hemp Flower Smell Like?

Hemp flower smells like a slightly less pungent and skunky version of marijuana. Before you smoke it, it is noticeable to a sensitive nose from a distance if it is in an unsealed bag. If it is in a sealed bag, it is odorless before being smoked. Once hemp flower is smoked, the smell is strong and lingers in almost the exact same way marijuana does. If you’re concerned about the smell, we recommend smoking outside, washing your hands afterward, and brushing your teeth. If you’re really concerned, CBD cartridges offer a more discreet and less pungent inhalable option. 

Do CBD vapes smell? 

CBD distillate, or what’s inside the vape cartridge, doesn’t smell like anything until it is vaporized at which point it releases a skunky, earthy odor similar to marijuana cartridges. It is much less pungent and lingers for less time than smoked hemp flower, or weed. Different vape cartridges can also have different smells, such as fruity or peppery, depending on what terpenes have been added into them. For instance, our Blue Dream vape cartridge has hints of citrus in its odor. 

Do Pre-Roll packs smell? 

Pre-roll packages are usually not odorless, so they do smell. If the pre-rolls are unsmoked, it’s likely someone could smell from around ten feet away. If there is a half smoked pre-roll in your package, the smell will be much stronger. 

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