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What is CBDV?

What is CBDV?

CBDV, or cannabidivarin, is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, similar to CBD. It tends to be found in Indica strains sourced from Asia and Africa. Although it has been shown to have similar therapeutic effects as CBD, research on CBDV is slightly behind. It’s rare to find more than 1% CBDV in any cannabis plant, which makes it costly to source and therefore less attractive to researchers. Although they've had their sights set on CBD, researchers have conducted some newer CBDV studies you can check out below.

Potential Benefits of CBDV

A 2019 study showed that CBDV may help alleviate symptoms associated with ASD, notably anxiety, by lowering levels of glutamate.

 A 2018 study highlights the potential of CBD and CBDV to re-grow muscle fibers, prevent the loss of muscle activity, and reduce inflammation in mice and human cells affected by the genetic disorder.

 A 2013 study showed that CBDV and THCV may have therapeutic potential in reducing nausea.

What is CBDV Flower? 

CBDV Flower is hemp grown specifically to have high levels of CBD + CBDV and low levels of THC. Given that typical cannabis plants don't naturally produce a lot of CBDV, this new breakthrough in genetics gives consumers a chance to experiment with the new cannabinoid by increasing its accessibility. CBDV flower can range in potency from 3-9% CBDV and 3-15% CBD. We currently offer two CBDV flower options. 

Grown at our Central California Greenhouse in all natural coconut husk substrate, with no pesticides or unnatural chemicals, Forbidden Fruit and Pine Walker are two of the first CBDV strains on the market.

Forbidden Fruit - 7% CBDV 13% CBD 

With its light, citrusy, cherry undertones, Forbidden Fruit provides a gentle cerebral cool with each flavorful hit. It’s got bright, orange hairs that wrap around it’s dense and frosty foliage. 

Pine Walker - 8% CBD 6% CBDV


A potent and full piney flavor is followed by a soothing and deep relaxation with each hit of this rare CBDV flower strain. It's luscious, dark green hue is contrasted by fiery hairs that twist around it's nugs. 


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