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The Evening Kit

  • $40.50
  • $54.00

This bundle was created for all of us that enjoy winding down (both physically and mentally) in the evening with CBD. This kit includes our Strawnana CBD vape cartridge, the Grape Soda pre-rolls, and our Blueberry and valerian root gummies. These products are ideal for peaceful relaxation.

Strawnana cartridge

Inspired by the strawberry fields neighboring our Central California greenhouse, this cart feels like a cool sleepy night on a moonlit beach. This soothing, sweet, berry-flavored Indica is perfect for those looking to deepen their sleep, or relax without the brain fog.

Grape Soda pre-rolled joints

Ocean grown off the coast of Ventura, California, Grape Soda is a rich, sleepy hemp flower strain with dark tints of purple and a tasty citrus-grape flavor. 

Blueberry + Valerian CBD gummies

Valerian root is known as "nature's valium," and has been used as a natural sleep aide dating as far back as Ancient Greece. In combination with the 10 mg of CBD in each, these gummies are your sleepy-time sidekick.


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