The Hybrid Kit

  • $54.00

Our Hybrid bundle contains some of our products that mix both Sativa and Indica strains; this means the effects will be more balanced throughout the body, making it a good choice for a variety of users. With our Sunset Gelato vape, the Le Créme pre-rolled joints, and the Pomegranate CBD edibles, this kit will have both your body and mind feeling just right.

Sunset Gelato CBD cartridge

Restful, euphoric, and uplifting, Sunset Gelato is perfect for providing a smooth spark to help start the day, or power through it.

Le Créme pre-rolled CBD joints

As this strain mostly provides bodily effects rather than helping with sleep, or providing energy, it is perfect for day time or night time use. 

Pomegranate CBD gummies

These little pomegranate pieces of heaven will help keep you calm, cool, and collected throughout the day. As a full spectrum product, they offer the full body benefits of the entire cannabis plant.


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