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How to make your vape battery last longer

How to make your vape battery last longer

There are thousands of different 510 threaded batteries, all made for vaping. If you’ve been following the cannabis/vape industry since the late 2000’s, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. If you’re new to cannabis, new to vaping, or not a fan of electronic devices, you may not remember the rapid surge of 510 cartridges and batteries hitting the market. With so much competition such as different brands, sizes, colors, and voltages, you’d expect the batteries to actually hold a decent charge. Unfortunately, most devices are made for profit, with little attention to quality. Follow the steps below to ensure a long prospering life for your vape battery.

use the right output

Avoid wall chargers with too much power output. Check on the back of the charger for the amperage; It is recommended to use nothing that outputs more than 0.5 Amps, such as a computer or laptop. Most regular and fast-chargers are too powerful and will damage the battery. If you don’t have a 0.5A power block, smoke shops usually sell them for around $5.

Charge with care

Always charge to 100% before the first use, and every time thereafter. Just be aware that when it reaches full charge, you should disconnect the battery as soon as you can. You should also minimize the time a battery spends at low or empty capacity.

Avoid extreme temperatures

If the battery is in temperatures below freezing, it will not function well, and lose charge rapidly. Same goes for temperatures above 104F. Hitting your vape or charging your battery in these conditions will permanently reduce its capacity.

Buy a quality device with good reviews

The simplest way to get the most out of your battery is to avoid the bad ones to begin with. Paz Packs batteries are a great example, just check out some reviews from verified customers:


"The battery lasts surprisingly long"

”The battery lasts surprisingly long before you have to recharge it and I feel amazing after only about two hits. It tastes better than most others and is the best quality I have come across so far.” -Samantha S. (5 stars)


"I haven’t even had to charge the battery yet"

”I have taken hit after hit without needing to charge the battery. Also the taste of the El Jefe isn’t bad and doesn’t leave an odor that lasts long. I love the pen and the battery life.” -Antoinette M. (5 stars)


"Easy charging and long lasting"

”Taste was irrelevant for the battery, but it was easy charging and long lasting. Shipping was on time. And as far as quality, this is my first time using a vape so I assume it was good. I had no problems.” -Aina M. (5 stars)


What are the best ways to make your vape battery last the longest?

Your vape battery will last longer if you use a low power wall charger while always charging to 100%, and avoiding use in temperatures below 104F and above 32F. It will also help to avoid taking that hit when the battery starts to feel weaker; throw it on the charger instead!


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    Great tips on how to make your vape battery last longer! It’s important to invest in a quality device with good reviews like the ones from Paz Packs, or even consider checking out professional vape equipment suppliers like [focol]( for reliable and long-lasting batteries. Remember to always charge to 100%, use a low power wall charger, and avoid extreme temperatures to ensure your battery lasts as long as possible.

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